Hi and Welcome To Our Site!

Financial partnership and generous charitable giving are how our ministry and our family are enabled to release the gospel and mobilize prayer.  All giving can be made tax deductible, this includes checks or online donations from this site using the Pay-Pal link on our home page.  Our connect option on the front page allows you to contact us directly by email and ask any questions and receive any information you would like regarding giving and partnership.  This option can also be used to set-up a time to meet and discuss partnership options.

Why Financial Partnership? 

Financial partnership allows us to be wholly devoted in our time, energy and resources to following God’s ministry call on our lives to serve as Intercessory Missionaries.  Financial partnership is an integral way in which you can practically stand with our family and support the work that we are engaged in.  Partnership not only supports our ministry but it is designed by God to be a two-way street bringing blessing, rejoicing and an inheritance in the work to those that give.

Where Does Your Partnership Go?

Your partnership goes to support the cost of providing for and maintaining our basic cost-of-living expenses as a family and is used to fund local ministry initiatives, prayer mobilization efforts, itinerant assignments and various giving projects.

Monthly Partnership

Interested in becoming a monthly partner?  There are several ways that you can do this.   Contacts us at and set up a time where we can talk through this together.  We would love to have you as part of our impact team!

 We are grateful for your friendship and the encouragement that your support provides as we lay a foundation of intercession in the Buffalo-Niagara Region and beyond believing for the waters of a great move of God to rush over the whole earth!